**EOL Announcement for Java CAPS releases 5.1.0 and 5.1.1**

**EOL Announcement for Java CAPS releases 5.1.0 and 5.1.1**

This announcement establishes the timeline and dates for the End of Service Life for Java CAPS releases 5.1.0 and 5.1.1.

This announcement does not apply to the currently available products/versions on Sun’s current price-list. Products currently on Sun’s price-list including Java CAPS 5.1.3, Java CAPS 5.1.2, ICAN J2EE 5.0.5, ICAN SRE 5.0.5, e*Gate 4.5.3, and ICAN TRE 5.0.1 continue to be supported with no current EOL announcements having been made.

Products entering EOL:

The following components of Java CAPS 5.1.0 are beginning the End Of Life process (EOL). All products on this EOL announcement already have direct replacements available.

No. Product Name

eGate Integrator 5.1.0
eInsight Business Process Manager 5.1.0
eVision Studio 5.1.0
eBAM Studio 5.1.0
eTL Integrator 5.1.0
eView Studio 5.1.0
eIndex Single Patient View 5.1.0
Alert Agent 5.1.0
Batch eWay 5.1.0
CICS eWay 5.1.0
COBOL CopyBook Converter 5.1.0
COM/DCOM eWay 5.1.0
DB2 eWay 5.1.0
DB2 Connect eWay 5.1.0
eGate API Kit 5.1.0
e-Mail eWay 5.1.0
HL7 OTD Library 5.1.0
HTTPS eWay 5.1.0
IMS eWay 5.1.0
JDBC/ODBC eWay 5.1.0
LDAP eWay 5.1.0
Oracle eWay 5.1.0
PeopleSoft eWay 5.1.0
SAP ALE eWay 5.1.0
SAP BAPI eWay 5.1.0
Siebel EAI eWay 5.1.0
SNA eWay 5.1.0
SNMP Agent 5.1.0
SQL Server eWay 5.1.0
Sun Java System Application Server eWay 5.1.0
Swift OTD Library 5.1.0
Sybase eWay 5.1.0
TCP/IP eWay 5.1.0
TCP/IP HL7 eWay 5.1.0
VSAM eWay 5.1.0
WebLogic App Server eWay 5.1.0
WebSphere MQ eWay 5.1.0
The following components of Java CAPS 5.1.1 are also in the End Of Life process (EOL). All products on this EOL announcement already have direct replacements available.

No. Product Name
eGate Integrator 5.1.1
eInsight Business Process Manager 5.1.1
eVision Studio 5.1.1
eBAM Studio 5.1.1
eTL Integrator 5.1.1
eView Studio 5.1.1
eIndex Single Patient View 5.1.1
Alert Agent 5.1.1
Batch eWay 5.1.1
CICS eWay 5.1.1
COBOL CopyBook Converter 5.1.1
COM/DCOM eWay 5.1.1
DB2 eWay 5.1.1
DB2 Connect eWay 5.1.1
eGate API Kit 5.1.1
e-Mail eWay 5.1.1
eWay Development Kit 5.1.1
HL7 OTD Library 5.1.1
HTTPS eWay 5.1.1
IMS eWay 5.1.1
Informix Database eWay 5.1.1
JDBC/ODBC eWay 5.1.1
LDAP eWay 5.1.1
Lotus Notes/Domino eWay 5.1.1
MSMQ eWay 5.1.1
Oracle eWay 5.1.1
Oracle Applications eWay 5.1.1
PeopleSoft eWay 5.1.1
SAP ALE eWay 5.1.1
SAP BAPI eWay 5.1.1
Seagull Screen Access eWay 5.1.1
Siebel EAI eWay 5.1.1
SNA eWay 5.1.1
SNMP Agent 5.1.1
SQL Server eWay 5.1.1
Sun Java System Application Server eWay 5.1.1
Swift OTD Library 5.1.1
Sybase eWay 5.1.1
TCP/IP eWay 5.1.1
TCP/IP HL7 eWay 5.1.1
VSAM eWay 5.1.1
WebLogic App Server eWay 5.1.1
WebSphere MQ eWay 5.1.1
Upgrade plan:

Existing customers using Java CAPS 5.1.0 and 5.1.1 are encouraged to upgrade to newer releases of Java CAPS. The current GA release available as on the date of this announcement is Java CAPS 5.1.3. However as Java CAPS 5.1.0 customers will continue to have support for some time (see section Key Dates), they can evaluate using Java CAPS releases that are on the road map, such as Java CAPS 5.2 scheduled for release in Q4FY08 (i.e. Q2CY08) or a 5.2+ release.

Upgrading from Java CAPS 5.1.0, 5.1.1, or 5.1.2 to 5.1.3 may be performed as an in-place upgrade or via a fresh install and export/import. Upgrade information is available from Java CAPS documentation including the 5.1.3 installation guide which can be found at http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/820-0938. Users will have to refer to individual product documentation for upgrade information as there may be product-specific upgrade requirements. Please refer to Java CAPS 5.1.3 documentation for required products located at http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/coll/1601.3.

Key dates:

EOL of Java CAPS 5.1.0 will have same EOL date as Java CAPS 5.1.1. Products included in this announcement will be supported in two phases. The first phase is a full support phase and during this phase customers will continue to receive bug fix support from now until November 30, 2008 on which date full fix support will cease. After this date these products will enter the second and final limited support phase for limited support for four years. In the second phase, customers will not be entitled to submit bugs or to receive new patches from Sun. The date at which limited support will cease is November 30, 2012.

Full support ends: Nov 30, 2008
Limited support ends: Nov 30, 2012


Why is Java CAPS release 5.1.0 and 5.1.1 beginning the EOL process?

Sun is announcing EOL for earlier releases because there are straight-forward upgrades for each of the EOL’d products and versions. The EOL support period gives adequate time for customers to move to an actively supported product/version. This action of EOL-ing older releases enables Sun to focus resources on enhancing our products to meet evolving business needs.[amazonify]::omakase::300:250[/amazonify]

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