After discovering the the search engines are very limited in returning searches for free-reprint articles. I created a new tool called ArticleBankSearch located on

I experimented with the limited nature of google advanced searches to filter only the article banks. Google is limited to only one domain in their advanced interface, however it is possible to use a complex string of ‘OR sites’ to filter by multiple domains, but this is limited to just 6-7 domains.

I found a better domain filter using GigaBlast. has a tool called ‘custom topic search’ which allows up 200 domains to be used in a single search query. I’ve added 100+ of the top article banks to this single query. Now, when someone is looking specifically for free-reprint articles on the internet, they won’t get licensed articles, and other non-relevant pages.

Have you tried this tool? Like to see some more features? Comments welcome..

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