eGate: A Christmas Carol

RE: [STC-User] Re: [UD] – eGate: A Christmas Carol

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the schema,
red flashing ALERTs interrupted my dreama.

All the eWays were hung by the network crash!” Operations declared.
In hopes that an engineer would soon be there.

And what to my horrified eyes should appear?
Eight network engineers saying ‘You’ve got to get all new gear.’

The engineers were snuggled asleep in their cubes
While numerous Monk exceptions danced across the tubes.

And the network manager in his coat and I in my car
Were just rushing out for a drink in the bar.

When what to my I-Pod plugged ears should break through
But a pager, a cell phone, and my Blackberry, too.

Down Epic and Siemens and even Transcription
No interfaces are moving – not even a smidgeon.

Then my manager said with no trace of a grin
Get this fixed soon or your job here will end.

I turned the car around as fast as I could
and headed back work, just as I always would

When I got back work, what did I hear
But the generator a blasting and sounding so clear

Then, from up above – a voice some what near -
he seemed to asking if he was really here.

On Cerner, and Sunquest, Pyxis you fool -
pick up your ACK times or I’ll call NEO-tool.

Now ref-labs and remote hosts – run down your VPN
or I’ll tell your bosses you’ve been into the gin.

Get IDX, and Invision and EPIC and jool -
the bucks need to flow – so jump through the snow

My head started hurting and I thought in a blink -
things could be worse – I could be using OpenLink.

But now it is dark and getting quite late
I thank the world that I have eGate.

With a little tweak here and promote to runtime
Everything’s fixed, and I’m feeling fine.

The boss is now happy – he gives me a cheer
But I’d much rather have a six pack of beer.[amazonify]::omakase::300:250[/amazonify]

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