JavaCAPS6 Installation Notes

I’m on my 3rd install of JavaCAPS6 using JCAPS Installer.

First issue – Port 12000 was in use from a prior JCAPS513 installation. The JCAPS513 repository was running, and had started automatically. I cannot see it in under services,so it must be starting up in the registry. I killed the process to get the JCAPS6 installation going again.

Second Issue – When JCAPS6 was installing it asked for the location of the JDK. I tried to get away with pointing it to my 1.5 jre installation. I was able to get away with this for 5.1.3 – but not for JCAPS6. Installed the full JDK1.6. After making sure the port 12000 was free and the full JDK1.6 was installed the installation reported success.

Next step was to double click the start-repository icon – repository started up fine.

Next I opened I.E and typed url=> http://localhost:12000. Once in the JCAPS uploader, I selected all the sars needed [HL7OTDLibrary251,LDAPeWay,HL7eWay,etc.]. I previously had to unzip these into individual .sars.

Next we open the NetBeans IDE (start_nethbeans icon) and install the plugins..
Start repository. Start Netbeans IDE, click Tools, Plugins, then the tab called available plugins (these are the sars you uploaded before), select all, click install.

Next create a top level project, then you can import Jcaps513 sub projects under that project. This went pretty smooth.

**NOTE: I had an issue when installing JCAPS6. My JCAPS513 repository kept auto starting, and caused conflicts with JCAPS6 installation.
I had to remove reference using msconfig (start-up tab), go to Service tab and un-check Repository name (w/ manufacturer Seebeyond Technology Corp).[amazonify]::omakase::300:250[/amazonify]

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