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*Return On Investment*

With only a few clicks of our high value keywords, your adsense account earnings should quickly cover the small investment of our keywords list.
*Have a Blog?*

Even those without websites can earn money using blogs! Write your blogs around our keyword list and high paying google ads will show up automatically making you money for clicks! 
*Target The Right Niche*

With our keywords list you can design webpages, articles, even use in blogs to deliver top money from google's Adsense program. 

ADSENSE Top Paying  Keywords - Over 10,000 keywords

We have compiled a comprehensive list of the top paying Google Adsense Keywords (over 10,000 in the full list). Some search terms are in hot demand. Advertisers are willing to pay upwards of $75 or more for single clicks, such as mesothelioma.

If you are not already familiar with Google's Adsense program and you own a website you should definitely check it out. The Adsense program allows webmasters to place Google Ads on their websites. This enables webmasters to earn significant revenue from each click from visitors. The adsense code (javascript) is intelligent/contextual, which means that it delivers ads relevent to the webpage being shown. This is great news because visitors tend to click more on ads that are useful to them.

Our FULL comprehensive list has over 10,000 keywords that 1000's of advertisers are currently bidding on. The top 300 keywords are all over $5.00 per click, with some as high as $75.

We have 3 different lists available for purchase, catering to different budgets. Once a list is purchased, you can download it immediately and begin designing your webpages around the keywords on as many pages and websites as you like. By creating new content webpages based around these high paying keywords you should start to see dramatic increases in your clicks revenue. Order Today!!

- Comma Delimited File (Includes average CPC)

Top 1000 List 

RATE: $9.95 - (Includes Top 100 Paying Keywords[$5+/click])

We use paypal for payments.

Top 5000 List

RATE: $19.95 - (Includes 200 Top Paying Keywords [$5+/click])

We use paypal for payments.

Full 10,000 List

RATE: $29.95 - (Includes 300 Top Paying Keywords [$5+/click])

We use paypal for payments.

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